Who we are

MediNetz Magdeburg e.V. is a non-governmental organization based on Human Rights principles. Its main goal is to help persons who do not have acces to health services due to Germanys legislation.


How we help

The members of the organization cannot provide medical care themselves. Instead, we arrange treatment by an appropriate physician, depending on your health problems. If needed, we are able to issue a translator.

You can either call us at anytime or you can visit us during our counselling hours. You will find our contact information on the back of this flyer.


We guarantee

MediNetz Magdeburg e.V. as well as the physicians ensure anonymous counselling and treatment. No personal data will be collected or given to official authorities. Depending on your health problems, medical care will be provided for free or at greatly reduced rates.

Free of charge



Sick and without papers? Contact us today

Contact Us

einewelt haus Magdeburg

Schellingstraße 3-4

39104 Magdeburg

15.00 – 17.00 | 3.00pm – 5.00pm

(+49) – (0) 176 – 66 530 854

einewelt haus Magdeburg